21 DIY Spring Treats for School Kids

Help the kids whip up some delicious treats for spring with these awesome ideas that will keep little fingers as busy as bees!

Flower Pretzel Bites

Flower Pretzel Bites | Awesome Dessert Recipes for SpringThese cheerful flower pretzels make great spring treats for school and they are so easy to make. Pop some candy melts onto your pretzels, melt in the microwave and press on m&ms in the shape of a flower!
View Tutorial Flower Pretzel Bites


Funfetti Cookies

Funfetti Cookies | Tasty Spring Recipes for Kids to Make Turn yummy funfetti cake mix into one of your favorite spring desserts with these awesome cookies.
View Tutorial Funfetti Cookies


Lemon Flower Tarts

Lemon Flower Tarts | Quick and Easy Spring Desserts for a Crowd SummerThese adorable tarts are perfect for spring summer desserts on a picnic! Using to shape your pastry , pop into a muffin tin creating petals. Once baked, add your lemon filling and you are ready to enjoy!
View Tutorial Lemon Flower Tarts


Chocolate Nests

Chocolate Nests | Delicious Spring Treats for Teachers Easter GiftIt’s amazing that vermicelli noodles coated in chocolate make up these nests – could there be more appropriate spring themed snacks?! Once your nests are complete finish with yummy eggs.View Tutorial Chocolate Nests


Oreo Chicks

Oreo Chicks | Easy Easter Treats for Kids to Make The spring desserts pinterest features always have cookie animals of some sort. So follow suit and turn oreos into cute chicks by icing them yellow and adding eyes and a beak!
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Spring Puddings in a Jar

Spring Puddings in a Jar | Fun Easter Desserts for a Crowd I love anything in a jar especially something yummy and these quick spring desserts are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Interlayer chocolate pudding with mashed up oreos and top with orange frosting for the ‘carrots’.
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